Weekend Eats and Wisconsin Cheese Talk


If you saw Stef’s most recent post you learned why we’ve been on a sort of hiatus. While it’s not the happiest of subjects, here’s a much lighter one- We’re back! And not only are we back, we’re bringing a new game to this gig. We’ll be documenting our weekend snacks and sharing with you every Monday. That means from when the workday whistle blows Friday afternoon till we lay our heads down Sunday, if it’s worthy of a report, a report you shall get.

And now, more news. Remember that little grilled cheese contest we entered and won a couple of years ago? The one that kind of started this whole blog? Well, we’re not quite finished with that chapter in our food book. We’ve been asked to partner with them to promote this year’s contest and we’re thrilled to be a part of it. It’s a three-part promotion, the first of which will go live today on WisconsinCheeseTalk.com. Check it out!

The chase for snacks is a never-ending pursuit and one we don’t intend to abandon.