Finding Our Way Back.


I know, I know, we’ve been gone a while. A long while.

There were big dreams of us resurrecting the blog with an elaborate series of posts inclusive of notable burgers and pizzas, unbeatable happy hour mentions and original recipes from our kitchen. There would be witty one-liners and steaming soup dumpling and bar crawls through K-town all documented in natural lighting with portrait mode. It would be glorious!

But, it also would’ve been very fake and fake just doesn’t pair well with our very real love of food.


Two weeks after our last post, we lost my dad to a grueling battle with cancer. Watching the life leave his body changed my own life in ways words can’t really describe. The man who taught me everything I know about food, its flavors, and how to use it as a method of communicating with people you love was gone- and with him went the fire inside of me.

I cooked almost nothing for a very long time.

I waited (impatiently) for a spark- for a defining moment that would slap the apathy out of me and send me back into the kitchen. It never came.

It still has not come. It probably won’t. And, that’s ok.

Instead, over the folding of our first pork dumplings, through laborious batches of Cuban croquetas, and this-is-taking-forever French Onion Soup, I’ve caught glimpses of what could be.

And, I kinda like what I see.