Chasing LA's Chicken Gawds


We're certainly not alone in being BIG fans of 3-day weekends. I mean, what's not to love when you've got the aforementioned third day, no Monday blues, and most importantly, only a 4-day work week coming up?! Recently, we discovered another reason to love a long weekend, especially those where it's Monday we're off. This is the glorious holiday that allows us to get to the Free Range LA food truck, which taunts us incessantly by residing right outside of our apartment EVERY Monday while we're at work in other parts of town. 

Free Range LA serves up what fried chicken dreams are made of with their variety of breakfast and lunch options such as biscuit breakfast sandwiches, a breakfast plate, fried chicken salad and several flavor-packed vegetarian options, just to name a few. But the star of this menu and the reason we were SO excited to finally have a Monday off, is the Original Free Range LA Chicken Sandwich. 

The Original Free Range LA is a tempura-fried free-range chicken sandwich, topped with Fresno chili coleslaw and served on a toasted Portuguese bun slathered in whole grain honey mustard. Close your eyes and imagine biting into a warm, soft bun, followed by the sweet and tangy sensation of honey mustard, which is then challenged by crispy, salty, incredibly juicy chicken that's spiced just right courtesy of the Fresno chile coleslaw. Heaven. 


The best part? 

THEY USED CHICKEN THIGHS! We've BEEN preaching that CHICKEN THIGHS ARE BAE. Look out for our own version of this killer sandwich in a future post and if you haven't eaten your way through through Free Range LA's menu yet, put it on the to-do list.