The Secret's Out. Morton's Mini Prime Cheeseburgers Save the Starved


If you're a huge supporter of local business and the talented entrepreneurs who give post-work vagabonds such as ourselves, places to drink, eat and be merry, then you're likely confused seeing a big-name like Morton's in the title of this post. But, one trait we pride ourselves on is the ability to give credit where it's due- and it's due. 

Steakhouses are a dime a dozen in any big city and those who frequent the joints have specific preferences on why they prefer one or some over others. While we often opt for Mastros- because there's something about the scent of butter flowing through the air vents we can't give up- it's no secret Morton's has been a long-standing staple in the steakhouse world. It's been on the map nearly 40 years after opening their doors in Chicago in 1978 and while we don't have intimate detail of the tips and tricks that have kept them successful, we definitely have a guess- their beef. 


So good, we had to do a triple trial run of their sliders to actually believe ground beef could be so consistently on point and perfectly cooked each time. It's true, we shoveled sliders like it was our religion and here we are to tell you about 'em.


The beef - Prime. With only 2% of all beef qualifying as Certified USDA Prime, these mini patties fall in line with the characteristics accompanying USDA Prime. Buttery in taste and tender in texture, each patty is liberally salted and cooked delicately to our requested medium-rare. 

The cheese - Cheddar. Melted. I mean, just look at the photo. 

The bread - Silver Dollar Rolls. Each roll withstands the hearty patty keeping it in place without being too dense. 

Toppings - lettuce, tomato and red onion. Remember when we mentioned the beef was liberally salted? The toppings play a huge part in balancing that out, making each bite decadent and fresh all at once. 

The downside to long commutes home from LA are all the kitchens closing up shop as we fly down the freeway. The upside? Happy accidents like late night happy hours that save us from starvation and emergency drive-thru dinners. We really have nothing else to add except that round 4 is happening sooner than later, but can't imagined you're surprised to hear it.