Sweet, Sweet, Sweetfin.


We're writing this post out of sheer passion because Lord knows Sweetfin needs no introduction. And, while there are many food crazes we consider overrated and/or not worth the hype (think: quinoa, ramen burger, Dunkin Donuts, secret menus or gluten-free anything...), it's generally true that any spot with a line out the door day in and day out is worth a try at least once. All we can say is "once" turned into twice and the rest is history. 


Now here we are, preaching poke like the skimm, skimping on photos because the need to shovel it down has overpowered our creative prowess. It's just utterly fantastic, so let's get down to it. Sweetfin has mastered the art of poke, offering a selection of signature bowls predesigned with every palate in mind- sweet, spicy and savory. The fast-casual restaurant also offers a BYOB option, allowing diners to choose their base, topping and finishing ingredients from a long list of options visible HERE. It's undeniable the endless combinations are a gift from the food gods. 


Feel like indulging? Opt for their signature Spicy Tuna on bamboo rice and watch the creamy togarashi sauce weave its way through the warm, soft, grains. 

Gluten-free? We bashed it up there ^^^ (please forgive us), but we know for some it's a real concern. Sweetfin has two soul-satisfying words for you- kelp noodles. 

Vegans...vegetarians - you haven't been forgotten! The signature Vegetable Poke or Shiitake Chile Tofu will have you preaching Sweetfin like the rest of us in no time. 

With all that said, we'll leave you with our final words and final topping for all palates, diets and dietary restrictions - CRISPY GARLIC.

Crispy garlic might be bae.