Happy Hour: Sometimes Less is More?


If you've been following us from the start, you'll remember our first post's mention of our beloved happy hour spot, Charlie Palmer, closing its doors. Our 3-4 night a week evening stop was taken from us way too soon, changing habits and patterns for better (think: savings, more reading, our blog...) and worse (think: LESS HAPPY HOUR). While we were beyond grateful our favorite bartender (shout out @cocktailsbyings!) found her new home (Twenty Eight) close to OUR home, we still knew happy hour would be less frequent moving forward. 

We were right, but little did we know HOW right. A job in WeHo came knocking on our proverbial door and it was an opportunity too special to pass on. So we (Chris) took it and have since been battling a 2-hour commute, eliminating any chance of us making to happy hour DURING happy hour. The essence of time or the lack thereof does funny things to the human psyche. Suddenly, our happy hour sessions, though less frequent are longer and as of yesterday involve ordering as many chicken shao mai plates as possible. We shoveled these while discussing tomorrow's adventure of apartment hunting in LA and they really added a pleasant element to the conversation. 


These little guys are a mixture of chicken and Chinese lap chang sausage, deep fried and served crispy, savory and piping hot, which scores big points in our book. The sauce tastes like adultery between black vinegar and sambal. To accompany our 3 orders, we also opted for a fave - the pop & roe. 


These pork cracklings are tossed in a generous portion of lemon and herb salt and served with a side of whipped yogurt sprinkled with roe. The lime wedge is not a garnish and if you're a citrus enthusiast like us, we'd reco asking for two. Sometimes we joke about ordering a bucket of the whipped yogurt and roe and then realize we're too prideful to behave so savagely in public. ;) 

Either way, this long-awaited happy hour success gifted us not only savory snacks, but also a gift for our home bar. Our very first experience at Twenty Eight was a Bruichladdich tasting, where we fawned not only over their scotch, but over the packaging. What else can you expect from a marketing / advertising duo? Inga saved us a cashed bottle so we could find a creative way to add the pop of color to the home bar. We're not a design blog, but maybe we'll show off the final product when it's completed. 

We'll miss our watering hole, but are glad to add a souvenir to our future LA home as a reminder of not only where we've been, but where we're going. Tomorrow begins an adventure you'll certainly hear more about and we'll likely start with sharing our Saturday-apartment-hunting eats and drinks. Stay tuned!