A Saturday Salvaged, Courtesy of Fried Mozzarella at Nello Cucina


It's no secret getting married can be very stressful. In fact, amidst joy and celebration, our loving friends and family provided ample and useful advice on expectations versus timeline. Accepting the impending stress as fact, we dove right in to the planning part with what we considered impressive results- we picked a date and bought a dress within days of our start. When it was then suggested we get our registries going for prospective gift givers, we excitedly thought "that'll be easy, it's shopping!"

We're complete idiots.

Nothing about it was "easy", very little about it was "shopping". We headed out on a Saturday afternoon thinking we'd knock it all out in an hour or two. NOPE. Where do we start? Customer service was questionable at best, ranging from overly-eager-but-not-real-smart to seemingly-bitter-and-defintely-rude. Many of the items didn't even have the necessary bar code on them to scan. And, at one point, almost comically, the scanner just quit working. Two hours in and we had a ton of frustration and only about 20 items registered. To laugh or to cry - that was the question.

We needed a time out. 


We probably don't have to let you know that our "timeouts" typically consist of a food and drink break, especially on weekends. We beelined to a well-known Italian eatery in the middle of the mall named Nello Cucina. Locals will recognize it as Italian favorite Antonello's little brother, we recognize it as Saturday's saving grace. It only took one menu item to ease the stress: Mozzarella in Carrozza. 

Fried mozzarella on a bed of house-made marinara. Things were finally looking up! Mozzarella sticks are EASILY one of our favorite snacks and the gourmet version we met on Saturday did not disappoint. The marinara's slight sweetness added a refreshing cut to the decadence of the cheese, the breading was soft and light, and the cheese's pull ever so satisfying. A little Glenfiddich to wash it all down? Yes, please. 

Saturday salvaged by whiskey and fried cheese. 

Perhaps not the right way, but the right way for THAT day. Glen goes rogue. 

Perhaps not the right way, but the right way for THAT day. Glen goes rogue.