The Ice Cream Sandwich Done Better at Chunk N Chip


Ok, maybe you're right...maybe it IS too hot for chili. While we got a reprieve from a full Saturday of chili making (cook-off postponed a couple weeks), the heat wasn't as generous with temps climbing over 100 in SoCal. And being that it's a Friday and we're big kids, we thought an ice cream sandwich was the perfect call on this scorching afternoon. We knew just the place to go, a Downtown Santa Ana (DTSA) staple- Chunk-N-Chip!


Chunk-N-Chip resides in 4th Street Market, a collection of gourmet food stalls. Their concept is so simple, it's the execution that's so special. First, you choose a combo of cookie(s) and ice cream, then watch as the cookies briefly run through a conveyor oven to slightly warm (not hot) and soften. They're then wedged around your selected ice cream and perfection ensues. And about this ice cream, it far surpasses your run-of-the-mill vanilla and chocolate with a fun selection of flavors like Guava & Goat Cheese, Strawberry Fig Balsamic & Cracked Pepper, Fruity Pebbles or Fresh Mint with Dark Chocolate Shaves just to name a few. We promptly eyed and selected the French Toast with Spiced, Candied Bacon. Because Bacon. Creamy, decadent, salty and slightly crunchy (because bacon), but most importantly cold and refreshing.  

While 4th Street Market has tons of tempting snacks and quality drinks, leaving room for Chunk N Chip will be the best decision you've made for yourself on a hot, summer afternoon.