It's Thursday, Who's Thristy? Apartment Hunting and Our First Pickle Backs


With both of us accepting jobs in Los Angeles and one of us already experiencing a brutal commute, it was no surprise we'd have to start planning our move out of Orange County. This past weekend we decided to stay in LA on a Friday night, take in the local food and drink scene (read: party with our local friends) and gear up to apartment hunt Saturday AM. While we didn't find an apartment that day, we had a helluva time bouncing around in what will be our new playground. 

Happy Hour that Friday called for Bigfoot West on Venice in West LA (pretty much Culver City). Great bar and a local's favorite, but what really drew us there Friday afternoon was their INSANE happy hour- $5 drink specials including an Old Fashioned, a Sazerac and a very well made Manhattan (always our favorite). They also whip up some impressive grilled cheese sandwiches on the porch! We were sipping our drinks, enjoying the ambiance and eavesdropping on surrounding conversations when suddenly, there was a liquid explosion. In the blink of an eye one of us (Chris) was not only very wet, but smelling intensely of lime juice. The bartender was shocked. We (Chris) were shocked. Everyone (not Chris) was laughing. Cue 10 minutes of theories on how acids and their pulps can bottleneck and possible / maybe / apparently cause explosions. While it wasn't her fault at all, our bartender felt terrible and insisted on buying us a round. Insisted so intently that she took matters into her own hands and firmly suggested (as she poured) we fully engage in starting the weekend off right with a couple Pickle Backs. Being that neither of us had ever had said Pickle Back, how could we refuse?


To the unaware, a Pickle Back is typically a shot of whiskey followed by a shot of pickle juice. The whiskey in this case was Jameson (twist our arm). While not quite on the level as Fireball, in the shot world, these are quite popular despite the horrible sounding combination. As such, we were skeptical but willing. Knowing that this was blog-gold, we documented the process-