It's Thursday, Who's Thirsty? Summer Days Bring IPAs.


Sooo, apparently we're on a beer diet and IT IS AWESOME. If you know us, you know that we try to keep our carb intake to a minimum during the week and then let ourselves have carte blanche once Friday afternoon rolls around. We've apparently taken this to mean that we should drink ALL the beer. 

Local brewery stops and bars with great beer selections (see multiple previous posts) have routinely made their way into our weekend plans. We're not exactly sure how this diet came to be, but something about being handed a cold beer feels like somebody took the lid off the fun box. And we like ALL the elements that live in the fun box. This Thirsty Thursday we decided to happy hour at home and crack open an Anderson Valley Hop Ottin IPA. 

There it is, just holding the key to the fun box! 

There it is, just holding the key to the fun box! 

With pine like flavors similar to other notable IPA's (think: Inversion, Sierra Torpedo, Hoptimum...), Hop Ottin's IPA is dry-hopped with bright, citrusy aromas, bold grapefruit and a resiny bitterness that hop-loving IPA drinkers crave. Many claim it's a quintessential, well-balanced, West Coast IPA. We claim it's a solid summer beer made for sunshine and snacks ranging anywhere from a carefully selected cheese plate to some crispy fish tacos. 

Where the rest of the night will take us, only the beer knows. ;)