A Cut Above (or is that too "cheesy")? Our Love Affair with a Handcrafted Burger.

This image clicks through to its original source. 

This image clicks through to its original source. 

It was love at first sight. Literally. Scrolling through Yelp one morning, we laid eyes on the above image of The Cut's Handcrafted Burger and decided life had fatefully delivered it to us for the conquering. (Via a food truck, no less). While we believe in not judging a book by its cover, a burger is not a book (for that matter, neither is pizza). We dissect all burger photos and prioritize trying them based on how the image makes us feel. Yes, burgers provoke feelings.

Though toppings, condiments and cheese varieties are endless when burger building, our breakdown is dedicated to the original, all american burger. As such, there are some basic components which make a burger unforgettable: 

1. The beef 
2. The
3. The cheese 

We acknowledge that toppings can add flavor, a brightness and needed texture, but you'll never succeed without those 3 quality basics.  With that said, at least one of us has never ordered any variation of this burger and is stuck like a skipping record on the Original. It's so hard to explain an obsession. Finding the right words to describe every precise detail that makes this the best burger we've had in 2015 is nearly impossible, but we still have to try. Let's rundown the basics: 


1. The beef - all natural, hormone & antibiotic free, certified humane, angus beef brisket and chuck is ground daily, in house. Let's be clear here. The "all natural" & co description isn't us being snotty, it's just the truth - quality matters. As soon as it's served and you smell and taste the patty, you'll be grateful for the long description as well. It's formed with great care- tight enough to stay together but loose enough to truly savor the flavor of the chuck / brisket blend. 

2. The bun - are we the only ones who think buns don't get enough credit? Though this crucial part of a burger is often underrated, The Cut covers the necessary elements for a top notch bun. A bun should be fresh baked daily (this is), sturdy enough to stand up to the juices of the meat, melted cheese and saucy condiments (it is), but still light enough that "I just ate a loaf of bread" is never communicated from your stomach to your brain (again, it is). This bun is perfect. 

3. The cheese - if you're going for a classic, American cheeseburger then you go with classic American cheese. It's meltability is second to none and always the right choice for a burger in an original style. American cheese screams nostalgia of the best kind, marrying childhood picnics, drive thru's and bbq's to a bigger, bolder you. 

Briefly, but with great importance, this burger is topped with pickles and their signature cut splash. If you want to know what's in it, you'll have to go straight to the source. When you finally do, hit us up so we can say we told you so.   

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