The Perfect Food?


Like most, I'm not sure I could provide an answer to the question "What is your favorite food?". Even attempting to narrow it down to my top 10 gives me a small bout of anxiety as I wonder if I've left anything out. What I have been pushing for years, is my identification of the "perfect" food- the Taco.

Where to even start? It's typically a beautiful combination of just the right amount of carbs, protein, veggies and fat. The possibilities are endless and thus so are the flavor profiles. Ditto for texture. 

The versatility is clearly my favorite part of the Taco. But no part more than this truth- It can be a snack or a meal. Plate of tacos right off the grill for dinner or a midday weekend bite to wash down a cold beer while running errands. 

Our favorite stop to get that very bite is Taco Asylum in Costa Mesa. The menu is full of delicious new-age combos as well as your classics. Our most recent trip included a "Bacon PB&J", the "Philly Cheesesteak", the "Buffalo Fried Chicken" and an aptly named "Fire Pig" with ghost chili-braised pork. Paired with a couple cold beers from a generous selection and we had ourselves a heckuva start to our Saturday. - C

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