NY Pizza Search Yields "Pinwheels". Orange County is a Better Place as a Result.


The gourmet burger scene. 
The French Dip.
Internationally competitive winemakers.
Internationally competitive beer brewers. 
The most seafood consumed per capita. 
The US leader in cheese production.
Sourdough bread. 
Cobb salad.
Ranch dressing. 
The. list. goes. on. 

We are not-so-humbly proud of California's contribution to the country (and the world) as one of the leaders in food and wine (and beer). We house award-winning international cuisine cooked by ambitious, talented chefs and are thankful to get to experience as much of it as we can.

We've really only got one gripe about California's food scene-

[Other cities have managed to make it a priority. Shout out: Miami, Philly, Seattle]

There are a few spots spread about between LA and San Diego, but you've really gotta search to find em. Lucky for us, a LOT of research rewarded us with a gem just a few miles from home- Sgt. Pepperoni's. The staff is friendly and passionate about their craft. The pizza is a perfectly ratio'd (dough-sauce-cheese-topping), consistently delicious, foldable, NY style pie. But this is NOT the reason we're writing about them today. The excitement of discovering this pizza quickly became a weekly obsession and as a result we did ourselves a disservice; we repeatedly overlooked a snack we now refuse to live without - the pinwheel.

one pepperoni, one veggie, one side of delish pizza sauce

one pepperoni, one veggie, one side of delish pizza sauce

Sgt's beer selection features approximately 6-7 predominantly local brews and as proud members of the California Republic we have a strict obligation to support these breweries, especially while waiting for pizza. It was all growling stomachs and beer drinking one Sunday when we decided we needed an appetizer while waiting. A "pinwheel" was suggested and agreed upon, and out came a red basket, lined with checkered red and white wax paper coddling two warm spirals filled with alternating layers of dough, cheese and filling. One veggie, one pepperoni, but both decadent, cheesy, bubbling and delicious.

It's a funny thing waiting for pizza, you can't focus on anything but the prize, but this fateful night, the prize was a pinwheel.