It's Thursday, Who's Thirsty? Somebody Pass the Rosé.

There are two things we're going to tell you that will absolutely NOT come as a surprise if you know us- We love Happy Hour and we love the outdoors. For those who don't know us, you can put a stop to your imagination envisioning us hiking up mountains and cycling across bridges. That's not quite the "outdoors" we're referring to. While those activities are surely beneficial (within their time and place), we consider ourselves more of a people watching, wine tasting, bocce ball in the summer kind of couple.

Throwing our bags in the car any chance we get never gets old because we know exactly what lies ahead.  When we hit the road to Santa Ynez for a few days in the vineyards, we know our first stop is going to be at Kalyra Winery. It's got pretty much everything we could ask for to start unwinding- good wine, lovely people and a beautiful view from their deck. As soon as we turn onto Refugio Road, the question of "should we taste or just order a glass" always presents itself and each time we end up doing both. 

When our tasting is over, we order a glass and make our way out to that deck immediately, sip our wine and smile, thankful that we're on a little getaway and have this beautiful California weather to enjoy. 

Now that summer has arrived and with it late sunsets, we're often given the opportunity to happy hour al fresco at home, on the balcony, trying to replicate that feeling of being on that wine country deck we love so much. Today is one of those days.

Happy Thursday and happy Happy Hour!