It's Thursday, Who's Thirsty? Twenty Eight, Inga and the Ancho Abi Ricky Cocktail


As we mentioned on Instagram, today's post was in honor of Twenty Eight's aptly named Thirsty Thursday. But, we'd be doing a disservice to you, dear reader, if we didn't talk about the drink in the photo, the "Ancho Abi Ricky".

Carefully crafted by the very talented @Cocktailsbyings, the Ancho is the perfect spring into summer happy hour choice. It's bright, light, has a little bit of spice, a touch of sweet and conveniently has a portion of one of our names it its title. Mostly this drink shocked us. The first time Inga listed the ingredients, we had her repeat them. Somewhere in her explanation she'd clearly forgotten to name the whiskey. I'm sure at least one of us looked at her wide-eyed. 

As the whiskey-less reality settled in, we quickly remembered that so much of why we love her craft is rooted in trust. We both stand by the opinion that her greatest skill is knowing her clientele's palate and the Ancho Abi Ricky was just another testament to that. It was a fantastic cocktail to remind us whiskey loyalists that spring and summer deserve their own cocktails too. It wouldn't be right (plus we don't know it!) to give you this brilliant recipe, but we CAN tell you what's in it:




Giffard's Abricot de Roussillon

Ancho Reyes


Thai Basil


*pairs well with good company