Holy Cow! Pigs in a Blanket.


Holy cow is right! Two new bbq joints have opened up in West LA over the last few months, shaking things up with tender brisket, smoked chicken wings and craft beer. What's the likelihood that two locations would open their doors in the same neighborhood, within the same time period, serving the same cuisine? Who cares? We're glad they did! 

We've mentioned before how errands make us thirsty and hungry and this is when snack finding is at optimum peak. A few Saturdays ago was no different. Second hand stores had us hungry and feening for antibacterial when we drove past Holy Cow for the third time since moving - destination reached. We walked in to discover it was happy hour (yes! On a Saturday!) making craft beers $5 a piece and a selection of off-the-menu items available. 

"Get the Pigs in a Blanket!" They said. 

We did. 


One bite and "holy cow" quickly turned into "holy shit". Holy Cow's interpretation of the classic snack is nothing short of genius. The "blanket" is actually a Johnny Cake, which is a sweet and savory flatbread made of cornmeal. The pulled pork is coated lightly in house-made bbq sauce and the sweetness is nicely balanced with a tangy and acidic chimichurri. Corn relish adds a slight crunch and the saltiness of the Cotija cheese also plays against the sweet elements of sauce and the Johnny Cake. 

Only avail during happy hour, we're certain these piggies keep the restaurant's door rotating and many palates across West LA pleased.