Chasing a Challenge

I have this bucket list dream of writing a cookbook. It's remained predominantly dormant due to my awareness of the workload it entails, the years it would likely take to accomplish, and the real life distractions that present themselves through seemingly every season of life. The final reason, which is more of a confession is that I HATE WRITING RECIPES. 

Yes, I insisted we launch a food blog knowing full well I'd be the recipe writer when deep inside my soul laid a staunch dislike for measuring, documenting and putting into words a meal I'd created with my senses. Being asked for recipes of Instagram-posted meals usually sends me straight into panic and procrastination, where I'm eventually scrambling to type up a sensical set of instructions that'll inevitably include an apology for the delay. 

I am sorry to all, retroactively and in advance. 

I just love food in ways I feel words cannot properly convey. Its smell, sight, taste, and even the sound (chicken frying, onions sautéing, pork rinds crackling) can send me into a euphoric state. How could I ever successfully put euphoria into words or properly convey the memory each dish represents? 

The answer to that question is still unbeknownst to me, but it's time to try. Whether the book's content will be any good is yet to be determined, but one promise I can make is that the food will kick ass. 

Much recipe building will ensue on this portion of the blog.